Friday, November 30, 2012

Egg Carton Organizer

Hello Everyone!
I saw this really cool idea on organizing.....with an EGG CARTON!!! I really wanted to try it out. This is the most SIMPLIEST desk organziner you can possibly get!
I'm pretty sure that everyone has egg carton at home. Weather you have eggs in the morning, or weather you use them just  for baking. I used a paper egg carton for this little project. I don't know how the foam (or whatever they are), i don't know how this project will work....You guys can try, and tell me how it turned out!
1. a CLEAN paper egg carton
2. paint of your choice.
3. paintbrush
4. scissors
This was my egg carton before i did anything to it.

Take your scissors, and cut JUST the two flaps that are sticking out.

Take the color of your choice with your paintbrush and start pianting!! It is your choice to paint the bottom. I did not paint it, because no one would look underneath, and it's just a waste of the paint.
(That's what i think. I like to save EVRYTHING!!)
I chose orange, because i like the bright color on the egg carton. I want to do another one, but in blue for my little sister.

And just put the objects that can fit in each section. My desk was messy, because all the paperclips were everywhere. I had all of this in one little basket inside my drawer, but i couldn't find anything fast enough!

I put this inside my desk, and it is kind of like an "office drawer." I can fit EVEYTHING in it now! And as soon as i open the drawer. I automatically know where everything is!
I apolpgize for not taking a BEFORE picture of the drawer. (I don't think anyone should see it. It was awful!!) I took everything out that i didnt want in the drawer. And it's SO much better.

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